Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Multiple infections of Anaplasma platys variants in Philippine dogs

Research (Published online: 20-12-2016)
20. Multiple infections of Anaplasma platys variants in Philippine dogs - Adrian Patalinghug Ybañez, Rochelle Haidee Daclan Ybañez, Naoaki Yokoyama and Hisashi Inokuma
Veterinary World, 9(12): 1456-1460

   doi: 10.14202/vetworld.2016.1456-1460

Aim: Anaplasma platys, the causative agent of infectious canine cyclic thrombocytopenia, is a tick-borne pathogen that also has been implicated as potentially zoonotic. To provide molecular evidence on the multiple infections of A. platys variants in Philippine dogs.
Materials and Methods: DNA fragments of A. platys from infected dogs in the Philippines were molecularly characterized. For screening, 25 dogs suspected to have canine anaplasmosis were tested using a 16S rRNA-based nested polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Infection was confirmed by sequencing of positive amplicons. Second round PCR targeting a longer 16S rRNA fragment was subsequently performed on the first round PCR amplicons of the positive samples. Further characterization using the heat-shock operon (groEL) gene was also performed on the A. platys-positive samples.
Results: 10 16S rRNA sequences were obtained and found 99.6-100% identical to each other and 99.6-99.7% identical to the closest registered A. platys sequences. On the other hand, 36 groEL clone sequences were obtained and found to be 85.1-99.8% identical with each other and 85.0-88.9% identical to the closest previously registered A. platys sequences. Four dogs were found coinfected with 2-3 groEL variant sequences. Phylogenetic analyses suggest that the detected A. platys in the Philippines may represent unique variants.
Conclusion: A. platys variants were detected in Philippine dogs. Coinfection of different A. platys variants in dogs was also demonstrated. The present study may indicate the potential genetic diversity of A. platys in the country.
Keywords: Anaplasma platys, dogs, Philippines, variants.

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