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Efficacy of early chick nutrition with Aloe vera and Azadirachta indica on gut health and histomorphometry in chicks

Research (Published online: 01-06-2017)
1. Efficacy of early chick nutrition with Aloe vera and Azadirachta indica on gut health and histomorphometry in chicks
Tamilvanan Sujatha, Sivasankar Abhinaya, Jai Sunder, Marudhai Thangapandian and Anandamoy Kundu
Veterinary World, 10(5): 569-573
Aim: This study was conducted with an aim of studying the efficacy of water supplements of Aloe vera and Azadirachta indica (neem) during pre-starter
age (0-2 weeks) on gut health and histomorphometry in Vanaraja chicks.
Materials and Methods: A total of 192 day old Vanaraja chicks were randomly assigned to one of four 
herbal water treatments throughout the experimental pre-starter stage (0-2 weeks) in a completely 
randomized design. Each treatment was given four replicates consisting of 12 chicks per replicate. Water treatments comprised T1: Control with regular antibiotic supplement, T2: 3 ml Aloe juice per chick per day, 
T3: 3 ml neem extract per chick per day, T4: 1.5 ml Aloe and 1.5 ml neem per chick per day. Gut culture 
was done for Escherichia coli and Lactobacillus sps. and gut histomorphometry in 24 gut samples at 14 
days of age.
Results: This study revealed that supplementation of A. vera and neem in water significantly (p<0.05) 
reduced and increased the number of gut E. coli and Lactobacillus sps. Colonies, respectively, as 
compared to that of control groups; Villi was significantly (p<0.05) taller and broader on 14 days of age
across the jejunum of chicks fed with neem supplementation as compared to that of control chicks. 
Significantly lower crypt depth (p<0.05) was observed in the duodenum of Aloe supplementation. 
Villus height: Crypt depth ratio of duodenum and jejunum was significantly (p<0.05) increased neem and 
Aloe supplementation in chicks as compared to their combination and control.
Conclusion: Immediate post hatch supplementation of Aloe juice and neem extract in chicks improved the development and health of their gut.
Keywords: Aloe vera, Azadirachta indica, chicks, early chick feeding, gut health, histomorphometry.

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