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Semen characteristics, extension, and cryopreservation of Rusa deer (Rusa timorensis)

Research (Published online: 15-07-2017)
12. Semen characteristics, extension, and cryopreservation of Rusa deer (Rusa timorensis)
Wan-Nor Fitri, Haron Wahid, Yusoff Rosnina, Faez Firdaus Abdullah Jesse, Zainal Abidin Aimi-Sarah, Mohd Lila Mohd-Azmi, Che' Amat Azlan, Muhammad Rashid Azrolharith, Innocent Damudu Peter and Falah Hasan Ali Baiee
Veterinary World, 10(7): 779-785
Aim: The objective of this research is to report parameters for breeding soundness evaluation, semen extension, and cryopreservation in Rusa timorensis.
Materials and Methods: Seven healthy stags were chosen for semen collection using an electroejaculator. The collections were performed twice in a breeding season between February and June 2016. Samples were collected between 2 and 3 weeks interval, collected twice for each animal. Semen was evaluated, extended, and cryopreserved using four different extenders; Andromed®, BioXcell®, Triladyl®, and a modified Tris-egg yolk combined with Eurycoma longifolia Jack.
Results: R. timorensis semen characteristics according to volume (ml), color, sperm concentration (106/ml), general motility (%), progressive motility (%), and % morphology of normal spermatozoa are 0.86±0.18 ml, thin milky to milky, 1194.2±346.1 106/ml, 82.9±2.8%, 76.1±4.8%, and 83.9±4.8%, respectively.
Conclusion: Semen characteristics of R. timorensis collected by electroejaculation is good allowing for cryopreservation and future artificial insemination work. The most suitable extender for Rusa deer semen is Andromed®.
Keywords: cryopreservation, electroejaculation, extension, Rusa deer, semen characteristics.

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